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Neighborhood Plan: Goal 2

Preserve the Existing Neighborhood Fabric and Create a Walkable Community

One of the challenges faced by the Task Forces and working groups during the planning process was the lack of multipurpose communal space and open spaces to hold meetings and convene for Walkshops in the neighborhood. Residents noted that all of the indoor meeting spaces (i.e. the Sharswood Apartments Community Center, Haven Peniel Church, Girard College and the Blumberg Apartments Community Room) were constructed
without green principles. In addition, areas that allowed for a natural gathering of residents for fellowship and community did not exist. The strategies and actions items below will assist in creating an environment sustainable for open spaces and green infrastructures for benefit and use of the community.

Strategy 1: Establish Public Spaces that are Accessible to All Residents

  • 1.1 Establish a “Town Hall” space for resident gatherings.
  • 1.2 Develop communal programming to improve informal connection among residents.
  • 1.3 Partner with the Fairmount Park Commission and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Increase the walkability score by 10% via
  • Total number of public space available within the defined boundaries of the Sharswood/Blumberg neighborhood

Strategy 2: Coordinate Community “Clean Sweep” Programs

  • 2.1 Develop a Neighborhood Improvement District.
  • 2.2 Clean and green lots and communal spaces.
  • 2.3. Develop a partnership with the Community Landcare Program.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Percentage of residents report to feel safe within the neighborhood
  • Percentage of residents, reporting good physical health
  • Increase in neighborhood outdoor activities

Strategy 3: Work with Residents and Community Partners to Maintain Character of the Housing Stock

  • 3.1 Collaborate with Habitat for Humanity to expand programming for the maintenance of existing housing in Sharswood.
  • 3.2 Work with the planning commission to develop an overlay plan for rezoning the Sharswood neighborhood.
  • 3.3 Work with Beech Interplex to provide residents with information about the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agencies’s Keystone Renovate and Repair Loan program.
  • 3.4 Expand the influence of the BSCCA on the character and design of housing development projects.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Percentage of homeowners that utilize home improvement programs
  • Percentage of homeowners enrolled in loan repair programs


The following is a listing of partners that community residents identified as key to empowering residents to develop sustainable economic growth while preserving the existing neighborhood fabric.

  • License and Inspections
  • Plan Philly
  • Beech Interplex, INC
  • Philadelphia Bike Share
  • Green Philadelphia Environment Network
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • City of Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority
  • Brewerytown-Sharswood Community and Civic Association
  • Habitat for Humanity