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Neighborhood Plan: Goal 1

Empower Residents Through Comprehensive Workforce Development and Small Business Assistance

Throughout the neighborhood planning process, residents expressed a strong interest in sustainable economic development. Residents also wanted to maintain the fabric of the community, which means strong participation from residents and resident-owned businesses in growing the local economy. The community needs assessment data showed a great interest in entrepreneurial training and local development. The four strategies listed below reflect those objectives.

Strategy 1: Build the Organizational Capacity of the Brewerytown-Sharswood Community Civic Association
             Convert a loose association of civic-minded citizens into developers and service providers in the neighborhood

  • 1.1 Partner with Beech Interplex who will provide staff training on housing, small business, and job development, as well as resident leadership.
  • 1.2 Rehabilitate a vacant property on Ridge Avenue to be used as a multi-purpose office building for the Brewerytown-Sharswood Community Civic Association.
  • 1.3 Establish a Neighborhood Advisory Council through the BSCCA for Sharswood and develop a Strategic plan for the organization.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Establishment of an office for the Brewerytown-Sharswood CommunityCivic Association
  • Total funds raised to complete the rehabilitation of the office
  • Date of completion for the Strategic Plan

Strategy 2: Establish partnerships with organizations that provide Job training opportunities

  • 2.1 Work with PHA and the City to identify a comprehensive provider of job training and resident services that can operate programs in
    the community.
  • 2.2 Work with the Public Health Management Corporation to develop an innovation campus that will bring job training programs, social
  • services, and over 500 jobs to the neighborhood.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Number enrolled in job training or other workforce development programs
  • Number of residents that completed job training or other workforce development programs
  • Number of job training attendees placed in jobs

Strategy 3: Establish opportunities for property owners to invest in the rehab of their homes to preserve the character of the neighborhood

  • 3.1 Work with Beech Interplex to provide residents with information about the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Keystone Renovate
    and Repair Loan Program.
  • 3.2 Coordinate with Habitat for Humanity to provide residents with the Home Repair program.
  • 3.3 Establish a partnership with local banks to provide homeowners with opportunities for low interest loans and housing counseling programs.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Total number of residents participating in property maintenance and rehab programs

Strategy 4: Develop a small business loan fund to support resident business development on Ridge Avenue

  • 4.1 Draft a listing of neighborhood-based or resident-owned businesses that seek investment and growth.
  • 4.2 Partner with a local bank to develop a loan fund dedicated to supporting resident-owned small businesses on Ridge Avenue.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Number of new resident owned businesses in the neighborhood
  • Number of existing resident owned businesses redeveloped as part of
  • Choice Neighborhoods


The following is a listing of partners that community residents identified as key to empowering residents to develop sustainable
economic growth while preserving the existing neighborhood fabric:

  • Philadelphia Housing Authority
  • Public Health Management Corporation
  • City Planning Commission
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Planning and Urban Design
  • Citizens Bank
  • Beech Interplex
  • Santander Bank
  • City of Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development
  • The Enterprise Center