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Housing Plan: Goal 3

Revitalize the Neighborhood and Catalyze Additional Private Investment Through Development of Replacement Units and Other Rental Housing Using an Infill Strategy

The consolidation of vacant and underutilized parcels throughout the neighborhood will pave the way for a coordinated development strategy designed to generate new energy efficient and sustainable rental and homeownership units at strategic locations throughout the Sharswood-Blumberg area. Planned activity includes development of an additional 229 replacement housing units by PHA, consistent with the goal of one-for-one replacement for the units demolished at the Blumberg site. Developer proposals will be sought for an estimated 318 additional mixed income rental units, for a total infill goal of 547 new rental units. The infill strategy is supported by the housing market analysis conducted during the planning process. As this activity proceeds, there is an expectation that current property owners will begin to reinvest in their properties as the market potential of the neighborhood emerges.

Strategy 1: Develop 229 Replacement Rental Housing Units Off-Site Using an Infill Strategy Implemented by PHA

  • 1.1 The development of 229 units is projected to involve a three-phase approach at multiple locations within the neighborhood. The initial off-site replacement housing phase is projected to begin in the 2017-2018 time period, with future phase taking places through 2021-2022. The size and location of each replacement phase will be determined based on further planning and input from the community.
  • 1.2 The units will be subsidized with project-based assistance with financing from LIHTC, PHA MTW funds and a first mortgage.
  • 1.3 Units will be designed according to the energy efficiency, sustainability and accessibility standards detailed below.
  • 1.4 PHA plans to utilize a master developer approach in order to provide expanded opportunities for involvement by minority-owned businesses and other small, locally owned entities.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • 229 units of energy efficient, sustainable and accessible replacement housing developed off-site

Strategy 2: Develop 273 Mixed Income Rental Housing Units Off-Site Using an Infill Strategy Involving Qualified Developers

  • 2.1 The plan envisions that the units will be constructed at three different locations within the neighborhood over an 8+ year period; however, the specific phasing and sizing approach of each site may vary depending on developer interest, real estate economics and other factors.
  • 2.2 Construction of an initial 121 units is planned to begin in 2016-2017. Of the total units, 100 will be funded through LIHTC and other sources, with a planned 21 units with no income restrictions.
  • 2.3 An additional 144 units will include 104 funded through LIHTC and other sources, and a planned 40 units with no income restrictions.
  • 2.4 The final phase will involve 55 mixed income units targeted for occupancy by households earning between 50-120% of Area Median Income.

Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • 273 units of energy efficient, sustainable and accessible mixed income rental housing developed off-site