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The goal of the People Plan as part of the transformation of the Sharswood/Blumberg neighborhood is to ensure that families within the community have opportunities for improved health, safety, employment, and education.

The Sharswood/Blumberg Choice Neighborhood is a gateway into our neighborhood’s core vision - where residents and stakeholders work in partnership and collaboration to grow generations to come, with dignity, safety, and pride by removing the physical and social barriers to create a thriving, prosperous, self-reliant community rounded in health and wellness with alternative resources, quality education, career planning, recreation, and employment.
— Sharswood/Blumberg Supportive Services Vision Statement

People Plan Goals:

What we've heard from residents so far:

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Additional recommendations for the People Plan included:

  • Increased safety - lighting, cameras
  • Jobs - Entrepreneur training & empowerment
  • Education - financial literacy, wellness, health promotion
  • Opportunities for Recreation
  • Healthier people
  • An affordable neighborhood
  • Landscaping / Beautification
  • Better air quality
  • Political Responsiveness
  • Increased civic responsibility 
  • Involved leadership
  • Hope
  • Resident Voices