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The goal of the Neighborhood Plan will be to re-establish the Sharswood/Blumberg community into a network of safe, well-functioning neighborhoods across Lower North Philadelphia and the region with access to high quality public schools, services, public assets, transportation, and improved access to jobs.

neighborhood plan goals:

GOAL 1          GOAL 2          GOAL 3          GOAL 4          GOAL 5

What are some issues, or areas for improvement in your neighborhood?

  • Need safe, clean, exciting recreation activities
  • Streets are dirty.  Too much trash, too many abandoned buildings
  • Crime
  • Lack of opportunities for education - closed schools, job training
  • Need markets & store
  • Libraries need to be accessible at least 6 days/week
  • Not an area where there are goods & services available
  • No Mom and Pop stores
  • Better Markets to shop for food, we have no real supermarkets
  • Drivers need to be more observant and courteous to seniors and handicap
  • Better transportation (access to areas outside of neighborhood)
  • No commercial corridor
  • Job training and actual job placement.  Real jobs after the training.
  • Old infrastructure
  • Vacant land
  • Community gardens
  • Lack of computer labs