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The goal of the Housing Plan as part of the transformation of the Sharswood/Blumberg neighborhood is to transform the local distressed housing and vacant land into energy efficient, mixed-income, and affordable housing.

Housing Task Force Working Group Goals:

  1. Build from previous planning efforts
  2. Connect physical planning and redevelopment activities to supportive services and programming
  3. Bring the right partners and stakeholders on-board for implementation

The Sharswood/Blumberg Neighborhood is a peaceful, loving, family-oriented residential community where all residents can take pride in its unique history, cleanliness, attractive housing, great schools, and thriving commercial corridor filled with local businesses.
— Sharswood/Blumberg Housing Vision


GOAL 1          GOAL 2          GOAL 3          GOAL 4


Recommendations for housing included:

  • Parking for neighborhood visitors
  • Backyards for kids
  • Private yards (front & back)
  • Porches
  • Solar panels to save on electric
  • Common green area in the back
  • Security door in the back and front
  • Full basement
  • Rental homes and ownership homes that look the same
  • Open layout
  • Larger garage or driveway or common parking in the back

Potential strategies to attract homeowners and investment:

  • Recreational opportunities for young people (Boys & Girls Club, etc.)
  • Student housing
  • Better education - attract new families 
  • Small businesses and support
  • Work to repair existing housing  
  • Places that have a positive impact on youth
  • More unity within the community 
  • Business Association for Ridge

Priorities & Concerns:

  • Education/Housing Fair
  • Outreach - door-to-door, block captains
  • A CDC for the neighborhood
  • Parking
  • Bus Routing & Transportation
  • Greening
  • Community Gardens (Peace Park)