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In The News!

News Articles

The Philadelphia Tribune: Plans for new high school in North Philly

CBS Philly: School District Sells Closed High School To Buyer Not Known For Owning Schools

Philadelphia Daily News: Phila. School District, PHA partner up to reopen Vaux High

Plan Philly: Remaking Sharswood: Commission votes to upzone, strike streets for PHA’s new headquarters

New York Times: To Rebuild a Neighborhood, Philadelphia Goes Beyond Housing

Plan Philly: Remaking Sharswood: Rise and Fall of the Norman Blumberg Apartments

Philly Voice: Implosion: PHA site cleared to make way for better housing

Fox 29: PHA implodes two high rises in North Philadelphia

Newsworks: PHA demolishes Norman Blumberg high-rise towers in Sharswood [video]

6ABC: Video: Implosion of 2 PHA high rises in North Philadelphia

Philadelphia Tribune: North Philly's Blumberg towers fall with a boom

Philadelphia Inquirer: Council committee OKs PHA plan to acquire 1,300 N. Philly properties

Philadelphia Inquirer: Residents welcome demise of North Phila. PHA high-rises

Philadelphia Business Journal: Domus scores $20.9 million PHA contract

Axis Philly: New hope for Sharswood

Daily News: So far, project is a housing success

Philadelphia Tribune: Tour of new homes shows off Blumberg Transformation

Philly Voice: City officials unveil first phase of $500 million housing project in North Philadelphia

Plan Philly: Remaking Sharswood, PHA celebrates 57 new rental units built at the edge of Blumberg site

6ABC: First look at new North Philadelphia revitalization project


PHA Newsletters

The PHA Experience: Spring, 2014


Sharswood/Blumberg Newsletters and Updates

BSNAC January Newsletter

Update to the 106 Review Process for the Former Checkers Club at 2125 Ridge Ave.


Doing Business with PHA

CNI Homeownership Developer Project RFQ

Blumberg/Sharswood Development for Mixed Use Project RFQ

RFQ for Blumberg "Best Use" Development Project

RFP for Blumberg Affordable Housing Development Project

CM Services for PHA Headquarters at Ridge Avenue RFP

PA Environment Digest: PHA opens energy efficient neighborhood housing

For Media Inquiries: 

Nichole Tillman


PHONE: 215.684.4139/215.888.2869